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August 4, 2010

Section I I I


7.  Zero Point Dynamics & Metaphysics


a. Laya Centres: Zero Point Origins and Ends


… the Universe is contained in ovo in the first natural point ….
S.D. I, p. 118)


            The view of a universe emerging from a white hole singularity out of nothingness at the beginning of time and withdrawing into a black hole singularity at the end of time is perhaps the most beautiful and symmetrical model of creation that one might imagine.  A cosmos emerges and dissolves back through point sources into nothingness.  Number issues from no-number and eventually returns to it.  The Secret Doctrine offered this perspective over a century before scientists considered such bizarre views and possibilities concerning the origin and ends of the universe.  However, there are very significant differences between the perspectives of Blavatsky’s occult science and the theories of modern times.

Firstly, modern scientists situate singularities only at the beginning of time and possibly at the end, but do not consider the possibility that they are constant throughout time.   In contrast, The Secret Doctrine maintains that the singularity or zero point state and condition is present throughout the whole period of manifestation.  Living cosmoses are founded upon such zero point laya centres—represented by the singularity.  Higher dimensional intelligences inform material nature within/without through such laya centres.

In creation, differentiation occurs within/without from such inner LIFE centres and at the dissolution of a Kosmos, the LIFE principle withdraws from without/within to the neutral Laya centre.  The Laya condition represents the ‘eternal’ or constant principle within the Living Cosmos, the essential LIFE. [1]  This mysterious zero point centre persists throughout the life of any living cosmos and is not simply the Alpha and Omega points—although it may disappear from view somewhat in between as it is veiled by nature.  Further, The Secret Doctrine suggests that all different living Cosmoses or Sons, on different orders of scale, have such zero point laya centres.  These centres are the means by which lower dimensional physics, material and energetic systems and processes, are produced and informed by a higher dimensional metaphysics.

            Blavatsky describes the dissolution of the Cosmos “at the hour of the Pralaya,” as the informing principles withdraw into the neutral laya centre.  She refers to a “path onward” from matter into Spirit and further,

… the necessary gradual and final reabsorption into the laya state, that which Science calls in her own way “the point neutral as to electricity” etc., or the zero point. Such are the Occult facts and statement.  (p. 551)

Blavatsky provides this overview of the evolution of the Cosmos and its eventual dissolution:

 … evolution … may be thus formulated as an invariable law; a descent of Spirit into Matter, equivalent to an ascent in physical evolution; a re-ascent from the depths of materiality towards its status quo ante, with a corresponding dissipation of concrete form and substance up to the LAYA state, or what Science calls “the zero point,” and beyond. (S.D., I, p. 620)

The Secret Doctrine thus postulates the dissolution of the universe into a Laya Centre at the end of time.  The term Pralaya might be applied in reference to the Kosmos as a whole, to the existence of a Sun (a Solar Pralaya) or to a human being.

Life enters and exits a human being through the higher dimensional physics of the heart and at death, the consciousness and life principle withdraw into the subtle dimensions of the heart as the soul leaves the body (or rather the body is shed, like a piece of clothing.)  Similarly, other cosmoses such as Galaxies, Suns and Planets, have such LIFE CENTRES—zero point foundations as judged from a material perspective, at the heart of their being.  Further, just as when a human being dies, the body is left behind, so also, when a sun or planet or galaxy dies, the informing principles withdraw into the laya centre and the physical body is left behind.  Thus, the “refuse and sweat of the Mother” scattered through the Kosmos, referred to in the Stanzas of Dzyan, are those substances which are the material by-products of previous generations or cycles of the Mother’s labors. 

Blavatsky describes the life principle as withdrawing from one body, tunneling through real Space or the Aether and re-emerging in another spacetime for another Round of life and existence.  This is analogous to the modern descriptions in physics of movement through black holes or wormholes.  Such processes occur on the level of a Solar Manvantara as the informing principles of the Sun and planets evolve through different bodies within different rounds of life within our solar system!   Thus, zero point dynamics and processes allow the LIFE centre within to be constant through different ‘rounds’ and ‘races,’ cycles and webs, or the matrices of life.  Blavatsky characterizes Suns and planets as being governed by these dynamics.  Upon death, the life principle can ‘tunnel’ through the ethers and re-emerge in another cycle and spacetime in a progressive series of unfoldment.  Just as a human being might live varied lives, so also does the LIFE element within a Kosmos, a Sun or a planet, or an Atom.  It is the existence of such a higher dimensional holographic metaphysics at the heart of being that allows for such possibilities.  As the Stanzas of Dzyan explain: “THE SONS EXPAND AND CONTRACT THROUGH THEIR OWN SELVES AND HEARTS….” 

The claims of The Secret Doctrine are certainly worthy of scientific consideration, placing mystical axioms side by side with modern theories in order to re-interpret the theories and data of science.  Although modern scientists conceive of zero point origins and ends for the Universe, they do not consider the continued existence of this singularity condition throughout a period of creation, nor do they regard other living beings as having such ‘zero point foundations.’  For Blavatsky, the universe has a zero point laya centre, as does a galaxy, a Sun, and a human being.  As it happens, astronomers do now conceive that galaxies can have such black holes and singularities at their centres but have yet to consider the Solar system in this light. [2]  Scientists do not imagine that the Sun might have such a LIFE centre— the Invisible Sun described by H. P. B..

The zero point condition is the centre out of which a higher dimensional holographic physics produces the manifestations of life.   Modern scientists regard all of the causes of life phenomena as resulting from random and fortuitous concurrence of matter and energy.  They never entertain the possibility that life is the product of higher intelligences informing material creation within-without through zero point dynamics.

            It is easy to misunderstand the nature of zero points—as they are likely to be viewed as existing within the four dimensional spacetime, like a spiritual spark ‘in’ the heart.  In reality, the case is quite different.  Dea, a physicist who is well versed in The Secret Doctrine, explains the remarkable view of ‘space’ implicit to Blavatsky’s teachings:


... space-time is created by being squeezed out of a point.  ...  a space-time structure (is created) out of a single point!  With this interpretation of space-time, certain paradoxes of nonlocality which require super-luminal speeds are no longer paradoxes.  The reason is that everything is always connected because everything is really part of the same point. ... 


It is very difficult to truly grasp these seemingly bizarre ideas as our ordinary understanding of everything is so upside down, mistaken and deluded.  The zero point centre does not exist within the universe but rather everything exists surrounding the zero point laya centre!  It is the centre which is everywhere and yet nowhere.  All external reality is an illusory projection from such higher dimensional realities. 


[1]  Blavatsky talks of a circle whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere; and also, of a circle whose centre is nowhere and circumference everywhere. Contemplating both forms of this mystical axiom allow us to conceive of the nature of the unusual zero point source. 

[2]  “Galaxies and other complex structures have grown from microscopic seeds—quantum fluctuations—that are stretched to cosmic size by a brief period of “inflation.””  (Oskriker, Steinhardt, Scientific American, Jan, 2001) 


8b. Zero Point Foundations


 ... ‘material points without extension’  are …

 the materials out of which the “Gods” and

 other invisible powers clothe themselves in bodies.

(Blavatsky, S.D.I, p. 489)


… such a point of transition must certainly possess special

and not readily discoverable properties.  (p. 628)


            Blavatsky labels a Cosmos as a “Son,” as a “wink of the Eye of Self-Existence” and as a “spark of eternity.”  Whether a Universe, a quantum or an individual divine spark, the laws of nature manifest in the material worlds are due to Divine and spiritual forces and intelligences emerging from within/without through zero point dynamics.  The Gods and other invisible powers manifest their forces or influences through zero point dynamics within higher dimensional space–the foundations for all living cosmos. Any Cosmos, any Universe, any Monad (a divine or spiritual spark), any atom or quantum, is thus “worked and guided from within outwards” through the dynamics of zero point centres. 

Seven Unmanifest Metaphysical Dimensions


      --      ZERO POINT   


Seven Manifest Physical Dimensions

Blavatsky uses various terms to depict these invisible points–labeling them also as “layu centers” and “laya centers.”   The influences of divine or spiritual realms upon the physical realm emerge through these laya centres, which exist at or beyond the level of material differentiation.

            A zero point is not exactly a ‘thing’ in itself—so much as a condition or a place at which certain processes occur. It is not simply a ‘point particle’ but a whole inner world where influences and forces emerge from deeper levels of being into physical manifestation.  Blavatsky describes these unextended points beyond the level of physical differentiation as the true ‘atoms,’ or what we would now call the ‘quanta’ of physics.  In 1888, scientists had no idea of such a point source origination of the universe or of atoms having such an interior nature as is now postulated. However, Blavatsky described such zero point sources, undifferentiated Laya Centres, as the basis for atoms, Sons and Cosmos!

            Blavatsky describes these invisible zero points and how the nominal realm acts through such points to ‘inform’ natural phenomenon:


A “neutral center” is, in one aspect, the limiting point of any given set of senses.  Thus, imagine two consecutive planes of matter as already formed; each of these corresponding to an appropriate set of perceptive organs.  We are forced to admit that between these two planes of matter an incessant circulation takes place; and if we follow the atoms and molecules of (say) the lower in their transformation upwards, these will come to a point where they pass altogether beyond the range of the faculties we are using on the lower plane.  In fact, to us the matter of the lower plane there vanishes from our perception into nothing–or rather it passes on to the higher plane, and the state of matter corresponding to such a point of transition must certainly possess special and not readily discoverable properties.  (S.D. I, pp.147-8)


            For Madame Blavatsky, at the heart of matter, at the heart of the Cosmos, or at the heart of the individual is a zero point laya center–a metaphysical foundation rooted within into the Eternal Parent Space, the Ceaseless Breath and the Infinity of the Absolute.  The laws of nature, the intelligence and life principles which inform material reality emerge within/without from these metaphysical dimensions and zero point dynamics which sustain the physical realm.

            Blavatsky explains that the views of the mystic philosopher Leibnitz represent The Secret Doctrine teaching of how a dimensionless point within material reality might extend inwardly into the infinity of a metaphysical realm:


“Leibnitz ... could not rest content in assuming that matter was composed of a finite number of very small parts.  His mathematical mind forced him to carry out the argument in infinitum.  And what became of the atoms then?  They lost their extension and they retained only their property of resistance; they were the centres of force.  They were reduced to mathematical points ... but if their existence in space was nothing, so much fuller was their inner life.  ... having reduced the geometrical extension of the atoms to nothing, Leibnitz endowed them with an infinite extension in the direction of their metaphysical dimension.  After having lost sight of them in the world of space, the mind has, as it were, to dive into a metaphysical world to find and grasp the real essence of what appears in space merely as a mathematical point.  As a cone stands on its point, or a perpendicular straight line cuts a horizontal plane only in one mathematical point, but may extend infinitely in height and depth, so the essences of things real have only a punctual existence in this physical world of space; but have an infinite depth of inner life in the metaphysical world….”

            This is the spirit, the very root of occult doctrine and thought.  The “Spirit-Matter” and “Matter-Spirit” extend infinitely in depth, and like “the essence of things” of Leibnitz, our essence of things real is at the seventh depth; while the unreal and gross matter of Science and the external world, is at the lowest end of our perceptive senses. (S.D. I, Blavatsky quoting Mertz, p. 628)


In this view, any point within the relative time/space continuum extends inwardly into the metaphysical realm and ultimately into the Unity which pervades and sustains creation.

            In order to understand the doctrine of zero points, we must realize that they are beyond the level of discrimination as afforded by the reach of the physical senses:


The chemist goes to the laya or zero-point of the plane of matter with which he deals, and then stops short. ... But the full Initiate knows that the ring “Pass-Not” is neither locality, nor can it be measured by distance, but that it exists in the absoluteness of infinity.  In this “Infinity” ... there is neither height, breadth nor thickness, but all is fathomless profundity, reaching down from the physical to the “para-para-metaphysical.” (S.D. I, p. 131)


What Blavatsky describes as the zero point, or the Ring Pass Not, is at the level of the Planckian units in physics where physical manifestation becomes apparent and measurement is possible.

            The creation and dissolution of any Universe—whether a cosmos, or other living beings—originates from and resolves back into zero point laya centres.  Blavatsky thus anticipated modern concepts of creation from a singularity and the idea that the universe itself could conceivably dissolve back into such a singularity at the end of time.  Creation, or the descent of spirit into matter, involves the emergence from a zero point laya centre.  Further, the forces of nature are generated by activities occurring within/without through the inner dynamics of such zero point centres.  (In physics, these concepts anticipate modern ideas of the rolled up, compacted dimensions existing at every point underlying the four large spacetime dimensions and serving as the foundations for physical laws.)

            Blavatsky’s remarkable perspective provides profound insights into many enigmas and theories of modern science.  In the light of her doctrine of the laya centres and zero point dynamics, we certainly might have anticipated the formulation of the ‘uncertainty principle’ within modern quantum physics.  For if we trace any particle back far enough, trying to measure its attributes, we encounter what Blavatsky calls the ‘ring pass not,’ where the quanta passes from one plane of perception into a higher dimensional realm–into a seemingly unfathomable and infinite realm.  Any particle must thus ‘vanish from perception’ on a lower plane as we penetrate into its inner most nature.

            And so, if we try to fully determine a particle’s position and momentum simultaneously, it disappears into the infinite, because this is the realm from which it emerges.  And, as Blavatsky notes, “... the state of matter corresponding to such a point of transition must certainly possess special and not readily discoverable properties.”  The uncertainty principle is the natural manifestation of this paradox of zero point sources possessing “special and not readily discoverable properties.”

            Blavatsky’s profound archaic philosophy was elaborated over twenty years before the formulation of the quantum hypothesis and a century before modern views of creation of the Universe from a singularity.  The ‘naught points’ or singularities of modern science are the ‘rings pass not’ described by Blavatsky. Further, her teachings are clearly consistent with modern concepts of the quantum vacuum as being paradoxically both void/plenum and the notion of “vacuum genesis” as elaborated in contemporary science.  However, The Secret Doctrine provides a radically different perspective and interpretation of such modern concepts and theories.

            In The Secret Doctrine, any cosmos is a “Son” with such a point source of unfoldment.  Each Son is also described as a “wink of the Eye of Self-Existence” and a “spark of eternity.”  These descriptions apply equally to the existence of a macroscopic Universe and to material quanta.  However, what is so utterly profound about Blavatsky’s teaching, relative to modern science, is the idea also that there are similarly ‘quanta of consciousness’–zero point divine sparks or Monads established within the higher dimensional Heart Space of human beings!

            Although modern science conceives of the zero point origins of quanta and cosmos, the idea that human consciousness might similarly have such mysterious zero point origins is never considered. However, everything is rooted within the One, whether a manifested cosmos, an individual monad or a unitary quantum. All living Cosmos expand and contract through such zero point sources established within their own Hearts.  Everything in creation is informed in this way–within/without from zero points. This is truly an awesome ancient mystical teaching which bears profound relationships to emerging scientific viewpoints.



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