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April 4,  2011

The Old World Psychiatric Disorder

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"Humanity is the victim of a monstrous conspiracy
of unspeakable proportions."  (Makow, Illuminati, p. 76)

Listen to a shocking interview of John Kaminski
with Paster Eli James


The Cult that Highjacked the World
by Henry Makow, 2008

This is an immensely valuable book, well researched and written.  Makow is a Canadian Jew who clearly distinguishes between the Zionist Jews who form the major part of the illuminati organization and the greater part of the Jewish community who have been duped by them.  The following quotes give highlights from Makow's book which fills in many dark and unknown issues of modern history--particularily the Zionist influences in concocting the world wars, the Bolshevek revolution in Russia, and much more, including Makows writings on the "crazy apocalyptic Agenda" of the Illuminati, the cult that highjacked the world.  Makow addresses the holocast industry and how the claims of anti-semitism are routinely used to undermine legitimate dissent.

"mankind is controlled by Satanists." (p. 7)

"a small Satanic cult--Cabalistic bankers and Freemasons ...
control the world's finances and media. 
Our "leaders" are junior members of this international cult,
called the Order of the Illuminati."  (p. 1)

"Zionism is controlled by "the Order of the Illuminati"
which represents a group of dynastic families, generational Satanists,
associated with the Rothschilds and European aristocracy,
united by money, marrage and Freemasonry (i.e. the Cabala.)
This cult stems from the Satanic Jewish Sabbatean-Frankist movement ....`` (p. 9)

``The Illuminati control the Establishment in Europe, America
and most of the world.  Its secret war against humanity is designed
to make us acquiesce in their tyranny (i.e. ``world government.``)``

``the Illuminati conspiracy is all-pervasive,
has infiltrated every social institution of significance
and includes millions of non-Jews.`` 

``Most Jews are unaware of the Illuminati agenda. ... The
Illuminati hides behind the skirts of ordinary Jews.
The cult that highjacked the world is the tiny nucleus
of Cabalistic bankers and Masons based in London
and directed by the House of Rothschild.``

``The bankers`first precaution is to buy all the politicians.
The second is to buy the major media outlets in order to
promote the illusion that politicians make decisions and
represent our interests.  The third precaution is to take
control of the education system, ensuring that people
stop thinking at an early age.``  (p. 28)

``The bankers need to eliminate nation states, freedom and
democracy in order to streamline their business and consolidate
their power.  The UN, NAU, EU, IMF and World Bank--
glorified loan sharks and collectors--will make the laws. ``  (p. 29)

``Every war was a trick used to slaughter and brutalize humanity
and to increase the wealth and power of this clique, which is based
in the Bank of England.``  (p. 31)

"In every war, the Illuminati controlled both sides of the conflict,
and the Third World War will not be an exception."  (p. 99)

``England has been a `Jewish` state for over 300 years.`` (p.35)

``The top block ... the Grand Druid Council. They only take orders
from the Rothschilds and nobody else. They`re their private priesthood.
The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest
Masons in the World.  Next is the Council of 300, some of the
richest people and conglomerates in the World--
including the Bilderbergs .... `` (p. 74)

"Drug trafficking, white slavery, prostitution and pornography
finance secret New World Order programs.  Elements of the
CIA, FBI, Coast Guard, Military, and police are all involved,
as is the Mafia. ...  The public has a child-like trust in its leaders.
The charge that they really  belong to a sadistic, criminal,
traitorous syndicate is a betrayal beyond belief."  (p. 77)

"Another "hoax"--the "Protocals of Zion" states
"We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of
previous centuries which are undesirable to us,
and leave only those which depict all the errors of
the government of the goyim. (16, 4)  p. 105

"Americans eventually will figure out that the Rothschilds
and their agents are responsible for the Depression and Obama
is their creation and puppet.  They will discover that the
Illuminati has waged war on humanity for centuries
and the US media and education system are a farce.
They will recognize the outsized role played by Jews
in enacting this diabolical agenda.  That's when
Illuminati Jews may again turn ordinary Jews,
loyal American citizens, into their scapegoat. ...  the Zionist
and World Jewish leadership prevaricated and obstructed
all efforts to save the Jews of Europe. ...
the Zionists needed to increase the number of Jewish
victims to hide their own role in bringing Hitler to power
and instigating World War Two."  (pp. 140/149/155)

"In 1891, Cecil Rhodes started a secret society called
"the Round Table" dedicated to world hegemony for the
shareholders of the Bank of England and their allies.
These priggish aristocrats, including the Rothschilds,
realized that they must control the world to safegaurd their
monopoly on money creation as well as global resources.
Imperialism never reflects national interests but the agenda
of these bankers.
They are united also by a commitment to freemasonry,
which at the top is dedicated to the destruction of Christianity,
the worship of Lucifer, and the rebuilding of a pagan temple in
Jerusalem.  They see humanity as "useless eaters"
and pioneered eugenics and brainwashing to decrease population
and turn us into their servants.  The eventual annihilation of non-Zionist
Jews was rooted in this movement."  (p. 156)
"Their goal is to create a world government tyranny dedicated
to Lucifer with its capital in Jerusalem.  (p. 164)

"... the Jewish holocast is a valuable tool in advancing
the New World Order agenda.  It gives their Jewish pawns
moral immunity and allows them to vilify any opponents as Nazis.
...  Zionism is a fraud on Jews." (pp.169/173)

"Lemming-like, the Western elite has embraced a death-wish
for civilization.  They have sold their soul (and us) to the devil.
... Treason is the secret policy of the governing elite in the West, Wittingly
or unwittingly, they serve the Illuminati plan for "world government,"
and Orwellian police state called "the New World Order.""  (pp. 189/223)

"As we sleepwalk into the next world war, let's recall that
the people who issue our currency are behind every war and control
both sides."  (p. 214)

"The Illuminati are a loose alliance of Jewish finance
and the British/American/European aristocracy joined
by marriage, money and beliefs in the occult (Freemasonry). ...
They own vast interlocking cartels (banking, oil, pharmaceuticals,
war, chemicals, minerals, media etc.) and control society and
government through corporate and professional groups,
the media, education, secret societies, think tanks,
foundations and intelligence agencies.  Their goal is "to absorb
the world's wealth and control its citizens using
propoganda, "education" and social engineering" (p.217)

References to the Occult,
Spirit, Soul and Esoteric Subjects

``the Illuminati symbol, the dot in a circle ....``

"We all have a spark of the Divine within."

``Nothing would disturb the Illuminati more
than a revival of belief in God.``

"The essence of political struggle is actually spiritual,
a cosmic battle between God (Good) and Satan (Evil)
for the soul of man."  p. 81

"Mightier than the nuclear bomb, the Lie is Satan's
most powerful weapon.  The bomb merely devastates.
The Lie steals souls.  It enlists millions of naive people to
Satan's cause."  (p. 63)

"Mankind is in the grip of a multigenerational diabolical conspiracy,
and is too mesmerized by sex and money to realize it."  (p. 182)

"Ultimately, the battle is for the soul of humanity."  (p. 234)

The Lion Sleeps no More
by David Icke, 2010

Human Race Get Off your Knees is another of David Icke's remarkable and inspiring works.  It is the third which i have read this year-- including The Big Secret and The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy

This is a massive almost 700 page volume covering a wealth of historical and contemporary evidence for the role of a reptilian and hybrid elite in controlling the life of humankind upon this planet Earth.  This has resulted in the underground spread of Satanism and Luciferianism around the world and the control of the political, economic and social life of humankind by criminal networks centred within the City of London, the banking houses of the Rothschild dynasty, the royal houses of Europe and the Dark Nobility.  Just when one thought life on this planet could not get any more insane, with the criminal networks controlling all major governments, military and intelligence services, pharmaceutical and international corporations, the media and the educational system; now we learn that there are Reptillian bases on the moon and underneath the surface of the earth!   Certainly, the so-called elite have to be weirded out in some such way--quite alien, to have such deviant and psychopathic attitudes towards humankind as they demonstrate.

David Icke's books are most entertaining and connect so many dots in bringing the matrix into view and countering all the propaganda and lies woven by the media and the culture of deception. Icke intertwines his own life story and personal commentaries into his work, which makes the text most readable and entertaining.  Below, i have sampled materials from Icke's book. 

With regards to his consciousness studies, David provides these key concepts which are consistent with my work in The Heart Doctrine, although there are major differences between my and David's understanding of the holographic physics of life and creation. 

"Consciousness talks to us through the heart ....
The heart chakra is our major connection
to Consciousness beyond this 'world' of illusory form ....
The 'heart', the intuition, however
is our connection with the Infinite Self beyond
the five senses...."  pp. 9-10

Bravo David Icke, for your individuality in pursuing the truth and your inspiring message to humankind to wake up and unleash the lion inherent to the human spirit and heart.  Humankind, get off your knees.


"As the saying, goes, it doesn't matter who you vote for,
the government still gets in--the secret government.
... in truth, we live in one-party dictatorships controlled by a
handful of bloodline families."  p. 61

"The world is controlled by the centre of the Illuminati web
in the same way that a corporate headquarters dictates global policy
to all of its subsidiaries.  In the case of the Illuminati, these
'subsidiaries' are secret society networks and bloodline families
in every country, which themselves have networks that influence all levels
from national government to local community."  p. 63

"The secret society network today operates globally with groupings
like the Jesuits, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei and
Freemasonry, working as one unit at their highest levels.  This 'unit'
or force that connects all the major secret societies isknown as the 'Illuminati',
or 'Illuminated Ones'.  It is a series of degrees into which the other secret
societies feed their chosen few, and entry to at least the upper echelons
of the Illuminati pyramid is by bloodline only.  p. 59

... the fewer banks there are the easier it is to control the system
and this is why we have seen the emergence of mega banks,
like the Rothschild-dominated Goldman Sachs.  p. 69

"The Bilderberg Group secretly coordinates a common policy
between governments, banks, corporations, the media, intelligence agencies
and the military, including NATO. It was established by the Rothschilds
in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands and is run on their
behalf by the Rockefeller family network. David Rockefeller and
Rothschild/Rockefeller agent, Henry Kissinger have been the most
prominent players over the decades ....  p. 70

The bloodlines love their titles and they are obsessed with
status, power and hierarchy.  p. 71

",,, televisions that watch you ...."

"... the plan was also to cull and control the population through
medicine, food, new laboratory-made diseases and
the suppression of a cure for cancer."  p. 76

"The Rothschilds have a horrific record of engineering wars, including the
world wars, instigating financial crashes and manipulating countries across
every continent via the networks they control."     p. 78

"... the Rothschilds used their agents, the Schiff and Warburg families,
to create the privately owned 'American' central bank, the Federal Reserve, in 1913.

The name 'Rothschild' first appeared in the 18th century when Mayer
Amschel Bauer established his banking empire in Frankfurt, Germany,
and changed the family name.  ... The Bauers were a notorious satanic family
in Middle Ages Germany and the major Rothschilds remain master black magicians
to this day. ... The name 'Rothschild' derives from the German 'rotes-schild',
or 'red shield'/'red sign'. This referred to the red hexagram on the
Bauer/Rothschild home in Frankfurt and it is better known as the
'Star of David'.  Despite what most people believe, this is not an exclusively
Jewish symbol and was not used in that context until the Rothschilds took it
as their own. The hexagram is an esoteric symbol going back to antiquity,
and today it is displayed on the flag of Israel
because the Rothschilds own the place." p. 87

The Rothschilds ... and their banking cartel have also funded all sides
in virtually every war since about 1800--wars that their agents in
government, the military and intelligence agencies have manipulated
into being.  This has cost the lives of at least hundreds of millions
(75 million in the two world wars alone) and has allowed governments
and peoples to be controlled through debt payments on the loans. ... As
Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild's wife, said shorty before she
died in 1849:  "If my sons did not want wars, there would be none." p. 95


by Dr. John Coleman, 2006

A remarkable study of the world elites and secret societies. 

"We need to find all we can about the secret societies, front organizations, inter-locking government agencies, banks, insurance companies, international businesses, the petroleum industry and the hundreds of thousands of entities and foundations, whose leading lights make up the membership of the Committee of 300, the ultimate body that run the world and has done so for more than a 100 years."  (p. 10)

"I discovered the same attitude in intelligence circles; no one would speak openly about the "Olympians," the controlling executive body of the "300" ....  "  (p. 16)

Coleman explains that "all of the great historical events are planned in secret by men in high places, with intent to deceive; ... Such a group were the men of the England East India Company,  whose antecedents sprang from the Cathari, the Bogomils and the Albigensians who had their origins in Manichean Babylon and who went on to become the controllers of not only England, but of the whole world.  ...  the Committee of 300 has been so successful in concealing its existence from the broad mass of the American people."  (p. 9)

Coleman explains the Committee of 300 involves members of European nobility including the Black Nobility of Genoa and Venice, financiers and bankers, corporate elite, masons and royalty.  Coleman provides lenghty lists of the Committee members as well as of the organizations, corporations and intelligence services through which they extend their international control of the affairs of the world.  Coleman's list of past and present Committee members include such notables as Her Majesties Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Juliana, Sofia, Princes Beatrix, and Queen Margreta.  George Bush, David Rockefeller,  Henry Kissinger, Count Etienne Davignon who effected the 'zero growth' policy for the US for the Club of Rome, Elie de and Edmon de and/or Baron Rothschild, and many family names of European aristocracy and of the financial community. 

The influence of the Committee is conveyed through a myriad of foundations, including particularly the Club of Rome and the Royal Institute of International Relations, and  the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations--the mother of all think tanks and the master brainwashing and propaganda institution of the world.  Numerous other organizations are described as secondary to the inner circle, ranging from the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, Skull and Bones, NATO and the UN, the Club of Rome, and the intelligence services of the MI6 in Britian, the CIA and Mossad, Interpol and others. 

Coleman provides long lists of institutions and corporations under the control of the Committee of 300.  These include such diverse entities as British Petroleum, the Anti Defammation League and the Canadian Jewish Congress, the CFR and Club of Rome, Warner Brother's, TIME, RCA, British East India Company, the London Times, the Aspen Institute, the Association for Humanistic Psychology, Fox and Rupert Murdoch, DeBeers Consolidated Mines, East India Committee of 300, MIT, Rand Institute, NAACP,  Stanford Research Institute, Princeton and Harvard, the National and World Councils of Churches, the National Training Labority, Xerox, IBM, RCA, CBS,  BBC, CBC, Ratheon, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, United Fruit Company, and so much more. 

Oh what a web of deceit and lies has been fabricated across all areas of our society, all in service of the shadow controllers within the Committee of 300, and its innumerable offshoots.  Coleman writes:

"The enemy is clearly identifiable as the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, NATO, the  Black Nobility, the Tavistock Institute, CFR and all of its affiliated organizations, the think tanks and research institutions controlled by Stanford and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, and last, but certainly not the least, the military establishment.

"There is no need to use "they" or "the enemy," except as shorthand.  We know
who "they," the enemy is.  The Committee of 300 with it Eastern  Liberal Establishment "aristocracy," its banks, insurance companies, giant corporations, petroleum cartels, foundations, communications networks, publishing houses, radio and television networks and the movie industry, presided over by a hierarchy of Hollywood conspirators:  Thiis s the enemy. Stop misguided thinking that Russia is the enemy. The enemy has never been in Moscow, it has always been in our backyard, in Washington, not Moscow!  (p.240)

To Order Dr. Coleman's books
call 702 448-5532



Feminism & the New World Order
by Henry Makow2007

The Hidden History that Connects theTrilateral Commission,
the Freemasons,

and the Great Pyramids
by Jim Marrs, 2001



The Black Widow spider is a favourite symbol of
the New World Order system,as it was for the Nazis. 
This spider can be found in Ottawa with the Parliament Hill behind, at the Rockerfeller Centre in New York City, in the financial district of London England and at the World Court in Europe. 
Oh, what a web of deceits and lies
they have fabricated.

Ottawa, Canada

: TleasH torFrhisbes




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