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October 10,  2011

Truth Media and Resources

Can the Sheeple awake?

“At present the population of the world is increasing...

If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in
every generation, survivors could procreate freely
without making the world too full...

the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it?

Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering,
especially that of others….

Gradually, by selective breeding,
the congenital differences between

rulers and ruled will increase
until they become almost different species.

A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable
as an organized insurrection

of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."

Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society

If you are tired of sheep news, visit

especially Rick Adams show at 8 pm eastern weekdays

Dave Hodges - Sunday evenings, 10-12 pm eastern
Dr. True Ott's show, The Story Behind the Story
10-12 pm, Eastern - Weekdays

Seek alternative news sources instead of the propaganda spread through the mainstream media--FOX, CNN, ABC, CTV, CBC, the Suns and Times, Citizens and Stars.  The corporate media propagate consistent patterns of propaganda and maintain multiple levels of deceit, misinformation and lies--a true Neo-Con, neo-Nazi propaganda machine, all subject to Nuremberg standards for their betrayals of America, Canadian and British society, for the support and cover-up of domestic and international terrorism, and any sane logic or human decency.  A true Media of Lies and Double-Think for an Orwellian fascist and police state society.

While in New Zealand, Christopher was exposed to the remarkable NZ expose magazine

Learn the Truth  Get active in some way in the INFO WAR, learning of the criminality that has and is destroying you, your children, country and modern so-called civilization.  Wake up to the Truth of the mass hypnosis of the world population intentionally created throught the corporate media, and the insidious rewritting of modern history.  On must dissolve the false consciousness system intentionally fostered by the pseudo-elites through the media and the so-called ‘educational system.’ Watch alternative 'real movies' –like those of Alex Jones--which make the Hollywood garbage look quite foolish and perverse.

Alex Jones' Endgame 

 ZERO: An investigation of 9/11

The Empire of 'The City' -- Part I and Part II

Aaron Russo, From Freedom to Fascism

 Zeitgeist - the Movie

Meanwhile, the Canadian government has intentionally deceived the public about the true causes of 9-11 and who the terrorists really are, because they cannot tell on their masters.  Instead, they have propagated hatred against the Muslims and Arabs to justify war crimes and Canadian involvement in Afghanistan, and to create fear and paranoia within our society to further the agenda of the world elites, the so-called illuminate. Just as the CIA and the American intelligence agencies have betrayed the American people, so also, the RCMP, CSIS, Canadian military intelligence and provincial police services have betrayed the Canadian public while serving and protecting the criminal elites and racketeers--the psychopaths, perverts and pedophiles.  The Governments of NATO contries actually allow these Satanists to be spraying you and your families and communities with chemtrails--high flying jets spraying aluminum, barium, heavy metals, viral and fecal matter and descecrated blood particles.  This is just one aspect of the population reductions efforts being perpetrated against world citizens by these cabals of psychopaths and lunatics.  My God, how could such things have happen to us!  I thought the RCMP always got their man, as on TV, while really they no longer even try but are controlled by the same insidious criminal networks. .

Obama, Harper and Calderone are simply puppets on a world stage, controlled by the underlying cabals and secret societies of the elites.  Throught the Security and Prosperity Partnership and North American Union, they have allowed the sovereignty of North American countries to be disolved in service of the new world control schemes of the international banksters and corporate elite. With new  front man and puppet Obama, they are moving even more directly to bring about their old world psychiatric disorder system to a global level--to solve the problems they intentional create through bank fraud and public deception, bioweapons and war industries, and the posioning of the populace and environment.  And now, even the Gulf Oil Spill is being revealed to be another "false flag event," which really was intentionally perpetrated as part of their schemes for creating disorder and culling the populations of goyem--the sheep people, the little people and useless eaters and breeders.  Meanwhile, citizens themselves pay the funds to finance their own disease, impoverishment and death.  

The public have been intentionally dumbed down, fed games of men playing with balls and pucks, titillation, spin and lies to obscure the criminal activities of the elites and the shadow governments. The treasonous actions and criminal racketeering of world governments have been intentionally hidden from the masses of the sheep being led to poverty, disease, starvation and slaughter.  Oh, what a sad state of affairs, seemingly hopeless as the agendas of the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and their masters, the Illuminati goofballs, have been advanced over decades.  No wonder David Rockefeller thanks the mass media for the ‘discretion’ they have shown in their role as co-conspirators and accessories to mass murder and war crimes. In 2010, even  Peter Mansbridge of Canada's CBC network attended the Bilderberg sessions, where the elites plan their next incremental steps to deceive and murder the little people who they so fear.  The current Bilderberg group is reported to have given the green light to the bombing and nuking of Iran in service of world Jewry and the Illuminati goofballs.  These people need to 'get a life,' as they are so disturbed and heartless, ruled by forces of lunacy and alien influence. 

J. E. Hoover, former head of the FBI once stated: “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”  Unfortunately, the conspiracy does exist and has for many years, even centuries.  Humankind has never been free in modern history from the crimes and deceits of these criminal networks.

Alex Jones --

Alex Jones' Endgame-an expose of the eugenics program of the Bilderbergs

Ron Paul - U.S Senator-

A true patriot for America has helped to reveal the corruption of the federal reserve and the banksters (banking gangsters), and is rallying Americans to oppose the neo-nazi Zionist and American plans for world domination (PNAC), the SPP and NAU.  Ron Paul has helped to revitalized belief in the now defunct Constitution and to rally Americans wanting to take back their country from the criminal banksters and federal reserve. Voter fraud and a media of lies undermined Paul’s run for President, but the call for a new American revolution has been sounded and patriots across America as throughout the world are awakening to the crimes of our governments and the shadow elites, and the nightmare world schemed for the masses of humankind. 

The Canadian Action Party is the only non New World Psychiatric Disordered party within Canadian politics.  The Liberals, Conservative, Greens and NDP have all betrayed the Canadian people through their deceptions and lies, their sell-out to the banking and corporate elites, and their criminal racketeering with those who poison the populace through chemtrails, fluoride, aspartame, inoculations, genetically modified and irradiated foods and other forms of such non-lethal warfare.  CAP is the only viable option for the reestablishment of Canadian democracy, the retention of our sovereignty and to prevent the enslavement,  sickening, murder and impoverishment of the Canadian peoples. 


What is wrong with this image of Aldrin on the moon? 

Of course, how did this lunar module descend onto the moon
using rockets to slow its descent, without creating
some crater underneath and dust clouds to cover
the module?  Instead, there is no disturbance of the moon
surface underneath the module.  This is a fraud,
like everything else you are fed by the corporate media. 


Esoteric Writings

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Zero Point Dynamics

Zero Point Radio Show
 Crises of Humanity
Critiques of 'New Think'
New World DisOrder
Truth Media & Resources