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March 2st, 2006

- H. P. Blavatsky, 1888  -

Section II

5.  On Singularities, Vacuum Genesis & Hyperspace
    The most recent ideas in modern physics and cosmology illustrate the basic concepts of zero points and their origins in metaphysical dimensions.  Oddly enough, these bizarre concepts are quite in keeping within emerging ideas in science, which trace the creation of the universe back to a singularity point at the beginning of time.  During the last century, astronomers traced the origin of the universe back to a “big bang” creation event, currently estimated at fifteen billion years ago.   During the last decade, astrophysicists penetrated even further into the origins of the universe, tracing the big bang back to the emergence of an infinitesimally small point source–the singularity.

   Physicists describe the singularity–the zero point of creation–as existing at the first 10-43 second of time and having the physical dimension of 10-35 centimetres.  The physicists arrive at the infinitesimal time and size estimates of the singularity through their understanding of the uncertainty principle, which limits the exactness of measurement of any quantum element or property. The singularity is the point at which the universe emerged out of a realm beyond the level of physical measurement.  This is the point of creation established within science.
       Further, according to modern astrophysics and cosmologists, the singularity emerged out of the quantum vacuum.  Scientists call this creation scenario “vacuum genesis” and sometimes remark on its similarity to the Genesis myth. Verse two of the book of Genesis reads: “the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” Similarly, the idea of vacuum genesis is in accord with the ancient phrase “creation ex nihilo,” referring to creation out of nothingness.
   Modern physicists have a very complex understanding of that so-called nothingness of the quantum vacuum.   One modern physicist notes that; “All of physics is in the vacuum”!  There are complex theories about the hidden dimensions of the quantum vacuum–a form of “hyperspace” and “big foam”–which is the basis for material creation and the laws of nature. Instead, of simply being empty or void, the quantum vacuum contains all possible quanta and the laws of nature in a latent undifferentiated state. In this way, the apparent nothingness can also be described as “the plenum,” that is, containing all possibilities.
   And so, the zero point of creation did not simply come out of nothing, but out of a something which only appears to be nothing when judged from a material point of view. Really, the quantum vacuum has infinite potentiality. The singularity appears to pass beyond our perception into nothingness, but in truth it is emerging from a higher dimensional realm within the plenum.
   Whereas the world is usually regarded as having four dimensions, with three dimensions of space and a fourth dimension of time, physicists now suggest that the hyperspace within the quantum vacuum has “hidden compacted dimensions.” The most advanced Kaluza-Klein theory describes an eleven dimensional universe, with four “large dimensions,” and “seven hidden compacted dimensions.” The laws of nature are described as being the manifestation of processes occurring within higher dimensional space–within the quantum vacuum, the foundation for what manifests in material reality.
   The vacuum genesis account of creation, according to the scientists, involves a zero point singularity emerging out of a seven dimensional quantum vacuum, a hyperspace or higher dimensional Space of eternal principles, relative to the four dimensional created universe. The quantum vacuum is also described as a “big space/time foam,” or root principle, which could be the basis for an infinite number of universes–all emerging out of nothingness from point sources, sparks of eternity. Undoubtedly, the findings of modern science offer a profoundly mysterious view of the zero points of creation!

     The image of a point within a black circle, or sphere, depicts most simply the scientific or mystical idea of the emergence of a singularity out of an apparent nothingness and higher space dimensions. Mystical and occult teachings from a wide range of ancient and modern, eastern and western sources, depict similar views of creation. Some of these teachings date back thousands of years, although the ideas are explored differently in different eras, languages and traditions. The basic teaching of zero point sources are suggested within the Upanishads and Vedas of India, the Kabbalah and esoteric traditions of Israel, the gnostic Christian gospels, Madame Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine, M. Aivanhov of the Great White Brotherhood, Aleister Crowley, Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan, Baha’u’llah of the Bahai religion, heart master Adi Da, and many others. Mystics and occultists have long depicted “supernal points” of creation–for the cosmos and human consciousness.
   The Secret Doctrinebegins with Blavatsky description of the most simple, yet profound, ancient mystical symbols:

An archaic Manuscript ... lies before the writer’s eye. On the first page is an immaculate white disk within a dull black ground. On the following page, this same disk, but with a central point. The first ... Kosmos in Eternity, before the reawakening of still slumbering Energy, the Emanation of the World ... The point in the hitherto immaculate disk ... denotes the dawn of differentiation. It is the Point in the Mundane Egg, the Germ which will become the Universe, the All . ... The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, wither all returns ... . (p.31)
 The creation of the cosmos emerges from a central point within the disk, the Point in the Mundane Egg.  This is where cosmic differentiation or creation begins.    The circle represents the divine Unity, out of which the point emerges, and into which it will eventually return.  Blavatsky claims that the cosmos began from a central point and will eventually resolve back into the zero point at the end of time.
    Blavatsky provided profound descriptions of the root principles out of which zero points emerge, which are quite consistent with modern scientific ideas.  She describes the Absolute (or God) as the ultimate, unifying principle, which “thrills throughout every atom and infinitesimal point in the whole finite Kosmos.” (p.277)  THAT is both the void and plenum, an apparent nothingness which is simultaneously “the divine plenum,” containing all potencies and possibilities.  This is essentially the same as the modern physicists’ view of the quantum vacuum as paradoxically both empty and full.  Further, Blavatsky distinguishes between the “Eternal Parent Space,” the sevenfold higher space dimensions which are the root principle of creation–and the created spaces, the cosmoses or Sons, the Sparks of Eternity.  Whereas the Supernal Point, the point in the mundane egg, represents the masculine principle and the Lord; the Eternal Parent Space represents the feminine principle and the Divine Mother.  The point within the circle represents the conjunction of these principles which produces the Son, the One within the Unity of the Absolute.
    When describing the Eternal Parent Space, Blavatsky refers to it as “Seven Skinned,”  that is having an inherent sevenfold nature which is manifest in the physical realms of creation below, as it is above.   Blavatsky, like the modern physicist, describes zero point sources of creation  manifesting out of a form of Seven Skinned Eternal Parent Space.  Although the complexity of these ideas cannot simply be explained at this time, there are absolutely astonishing relationships between the ancient wisdom teachings of The Secret Doctrine and the newest ideas in physics and cosmology.
    In modern physics, singularities exist at the level of Planckian units, where measurement becomes indefinable because of the uncertainty principle of quantum theory.  When the physicist attempts to penetrate any quantum, it seemingly passes into a infinitely small mathematical point rooted into hidden compacted dimensions of the quantum vacuum.  In fact, many of the enigmas in modern science tie into the enigmas of zero point centers, their roots in hyper-space and the nature of the void/plenum of the quantum vacuum.   The wisdom of the mystics speaks directly to central unsolved anomalies within modern science concerning these issues.  Although scientists do not generally regard singularities, quanta or the nothingness/plenum of the quantum vacuum, as anything mystical or metaphysical, these are indeed the most mystical of concepts to the occultist.
    There are many complex ideas emerging in science which bear upon ancient mystical claims about the subtle nature of reality:  The physicist’s descriptions of the quantum vacuum suggest compelling parallels to the mystical void.  In the same way, emerging scientific views of compacted and hidden space/time dimensions (or “hyperspace”) bear similarities to the Eternal Parent Space of Blavatsky, (as well as to the Nuit of Crowley, and the Ayn Soph of the Kabbalist).  These parallels and similarities are generally neither recognized nor suspected by contemporary theorists, but can be used to demonstrate a fascinating convergence of scientific and mystical conceptualizations of physics, cosmology and space.
    Most scientists never acknowledge or even suspect that there might be essential links between physics and the study of consciousness.  According to mystical teachings, this is an error of unfathomable proportions, as  all cosmoses from the microcosm (human being) to the macrocosm (the universe), embody the same principles of creation and design:  “as  above, so below.”  All things, including human consciousness, emerge as zero points rooted into the same underlying creative realms.  Hence, from a mystical and esoteric perspective, psychologists will never understand consciousness without considering its physics and metaphysics.
    Contemporary scientific concepts provide elegant illustrations of archaic mystical doctrines.  Of course, scientists have come to their understanding of the big bang singularity as a result of a century of collaborative efforts in astrophysics, astronomy and physics.  The accumulation of scientific evidence and the refinement of theories has produced an astonishing account of the universe and its origins.  In contrast, mystical insights arise from states of elevated and expanded consciousness, through illumination, revelation and grace.  The mystic experiences directly the reality which scientists apprehend through indirect observation and abstraction.
    One contemporary author suggests that we need “a science of the soul,” a physics and metaphysics of consciousness.  In fact, the basic concepts of physics and cosmology can be applied to the study of consciousness, if we have the missing links provided by esoteric and mystical teachings.  The Within-Without from Zero-Point series is a step in this direction, towards the synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science.  The framework developed allows us to understand how human consciousness might be related to God, to omnipresent Spirit, to the metaphysical root principles of creation, to spiritual and soul life, and to the larger universe.  These things can all be described in terms of a complex physics and metaphysics of consciousness.
    To illustrate this argument, consider the statement of the mystic Sufi sage, Ibn al’Arabi: “Know that since God created human beings and brought them out of nothingness into existence, they have not stopped being travellers.”   (1981, p. 27)  Is Arabi only waxing poetic, or does he have some cosmic and spiritual insight into the nature of deep realities, into the nothingness out of which all things emerge?  Perhaps Ibn’al is not simply a fool who knows nothing, but in fact, he knows something really profound, something about the inner depths of his being in non-being?    Blavatsky claims that the occultist can know directly the subtle realms which underlie and sustain life.  The remarkable teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions speak directly to many enigmas and mysteries of science and creation studies.
    Although scientists may consider these ideas in theoretical physics, it is never imagined that the same concepts might be applied in relationship to human beings and to understanding the inner cosmos of consciousness.  However, in mystical teachings, individual “I” is said to be rooted within into higher space dimensions, and to embody the same principles of creation as evident in the larger cosmos.  In this case, there are spiritual or divine sparks within human beings, through which the influences and intelligence of higher dimensions connect us into the infinite.
    Consciousness arises from the conjunction of Divine Sparks within the Divine Mother.  The Zero Point reflects the qualities of the Divine Father, the Self Existing Lord; while the sacred heart Space embodies the mysteries of the Divine Mother, the Eternal Parent Space. It is the mystical conjunction of zero point divine sparks within the nothingness/plenum and hyperspace dimensions which ultimately gives rise to human consciousness.  In the depths of the Sacred Heart and the inner cosmos of consciousness are the mysterious zero point origins.  The Zero Point Divine Spark is the Quantum Self, the point source of divine light and life, and of divine and spiritual consciousness within the human being.  It is the source of the “I” that “I AM,” the Hidden Self pointed to by mystics and sages throughout the centuries.  Understanding the conjunction of the Zero Points within the Heart Space is a key to unlocking the mystical origins of consciousness, as well as of the universe.
    From a mystical perspective, modern science is full of head knowledge but lacks the wisdom of the heart and soul, and fails to acknowledge the inner light and divine life.  We fail to realize the Creator manifesting in all things, and unthinkingly believe that the world is simply what it appears to us in our usual conditioned and profoundly limited states of awareness, dominated by ten thousand and one worries, anxieties, life interests and habits.   The nature and origin of human consciousness are very deep mysteries, which can only be understood through the awakening of deep consciousness within self.
    In  higher dimensional Space, all things are ultimately integrated into One unifying Source.  In this vein, all the separate individuals around us in life, and we ourselves, are expressions of the same Unifying Life which lives through us all.  We are all individual “eyes” or “I”s of “THAT,” within which we live, move and have our being.  Mystical experiences involve penetrating various veils of nature and awakening consciousness which allow for the realization of higher Space dimensions and experiences of the unity of things within the Inner Life.   Human beings have long known in their hearts, that such realities exist.
    The zero point is a microcosm  and the circle is the macrocosm.  The conjunction of the zero point within the Sphere represents the microcosm in relationship to the macrocosm.  An infinitely small point source lies within an infinitely deep and vast Parent Space.  The zero point is a source of light, consciousness, intelligence and life.  It exists within the void/plenum, the darkness and fullness of Cosmic Space.  Every man, woman and child is thus a Star, a zero point rooted into higher dimensional Space.  These are the deepest and most basic concepts of the within-without from zero points series, and the most mystical dimensions ascribed to the Self.
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“Know that since God created human beings
and brought them out of nothingness into existence,
they have not stopped being travellers.”
(Sufi sage, Ibn al’Arabi, 1981, p. 27)

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