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August 15, 2010

Microcosm Macrocosm

Scientific and Mystical View on the Origin of the Universe,

the Nature of Matter & Human Consciousness

Section IV


Zero Point Origins of Consciousness and Creation

2f.  "ARE YOU A HOLOGRAM?: Quantum physics
suggests the entire universe might be."
A Scientific American View of Human Holography

   In August of 2003, Scientiic American published an issue posing the question  "ARE YOU A HOLOGRAM? (Quantum physics says the entire universe might be)."   The cover illustration depicts the universe as a sphere around the individual's head, where the 'mind' is, or it is assumed to be.  However, within the article inside,  there is really nothing said about how the mind might work, or how it might embody the universe as a hologram, or about the mysteries of human consciousness--even though this is suggested by the cover.

    Anyway, in a fascinating article, Information in the Holographic Universe, Dr. Jacob D. Bekenstein, a physicist of black holes and mini-black holes, discusses how "information" is regarded as third force in modern science-relative to the older duality of matter and energy.  The article also illustrates what happens as science tries to penetrate into the nature of the void, into the deep substrates of being at the levels of the Planckian units--down at the zero points levels at which physical differentiation begins.  Dr. Bekenstein's article begins:
"Ask anybody what the physical world is made of, and you are likely to be told "matter and energy."
    Yet if we have learned anything from engineering, biology and physics, information is just as crucial an ingredient.  ... a century of development in physics has taught us that information is a crucial player in physical sytstems and processes.  Indeed, a current trend, initiated by John A. Wheeler of Princeton University, is to regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals.  (Bekenstein, SciAm, 2003, p. 59)
The professor's article is immensely valuable to draw upon to explain the concepts of information as third force underlying the manifestations of matter and energy within time and space.  (As we have learnt through these mystical studies, all things have such a triune nature of intelligence, energy and matter--the three modes of nature in the Vedas, of sattva, rajas and tamas.)
    According to Dr. Bekenstein, as one petrates down into the nothingness, at Planckian levels, immense amounts of information might actually be contained in a minute volumes of space, or surface area.  Paradoxically the physics of black holes suggest that as a physical system of matter and energy collapes down to the level of the Planckian units at 10-33 cm, and beyond, the amount of information which might be contained in Space becomes huge.
    Beckenstein considers the amount of information which might be contained within 'a Planck area,' which is a square of two Planck lenghts of 10-33 cm.  A Planck's area is 10 -66 cm2.    As one gets down to Planckian or zero point levels, in the quantum vacuum or aether, the information content  and capacity is huge.  Beckenstein states "The entropy of a black hole one centimeter in diameter would be about 1066 bits, roughly equal to the thermodynamic entropy of a cube of water 10 billion kilometers on a side."  (pp. 62-3)

In Beckenstein's model, the more we penetrate into the heart of being, vast amounts of information might be contained within the seeming emptiness, and there might be complex inner worlds.  Dr. Beckenstein writes:

Many physicists today consider electrons and quarks to be excitations of superstrings, which they hypothesize to be the most fundamental entitities.  But the vicissitudes of a century of revelations in physics warn us not to be dogmatic.  There could be more levels of structure in our universe than are dreamt of in today's physics.  ...

Given the dizzying progress in miniaturization, one can playfully contemplate a day when quarks will serve to store information, one bit apiece perhaps.  How much information would then fit into our one-centimeter cube?  And how much if we harness superstrings or even deeper, yet undreamt of levels?  Surprisingly, developments in gravitational physics in the past three decades have supplied some clear answers to what seem to be elusive questions.  (pp. 60-1)

. ... the deepest level of structure I shall refer to as level X. ... (p.60)

Dr. Bekenstein's aim  is to explain theoretical science-information theory and aspects of the physics involved with black holes, and the dimensions of holographic theory.  He discusses how the  'laws of entropy' can be applied to both material or thermal processes, and to information processes.  The loss or gain of entropy in a physical/energetic system might be compensated by changes in the entropy of information, and hence one might balance the other in order to maintain an overall GSL, or Generalized Second Law of Thermodynamics. This implies that huge amounts of information could potentially be available within the deep substrates of being, as when matter and energy are absorbed into a black hole.
    Dr. Bekenstein argues that there seems "to be no limits to how densely information can be packed-and that our universe might be like a giant hologram."  Although the article is dealing with theoretical ideas in physics-on black holes, information theory, and the newest model of holography, it all has application to our mystical considerations of the zero-point origins of human consciousness, and in relationship to our studies of the zero point origins of the Cosmos, and of superstrings.
  Ideas concerning M-theory and superstring theory, and seven dimensional Calabi-Yau Spaces, can  be considered in relationship to Dr. Bekenstein's paper.  The latest version of string theory is called M-theory.  The ‘M’ is related to ‘membrane,’ although Atkins suggests that it might be also in reference to ‘the mother of all theories,’ while Greene (The Elegant Universe, 1999)  suggests that it might be related to ‘mysterious.’  Anyway, M-theory talks of two-dimensional ‘membranes’ instead of one-dimensional strings wrapped up in these hyperspaces as the basis for all material or energetic quanta and fields.
    Atkins (2003):explains some of the astonishing ideas of Superstring Theory and M-theory, concerning such elements:
“... currently it looks as though the different theories can be united into one super-theory if the dimensionality is allowed to rise to eleven. ... string theory is all about strings vibrating in ten dimensions of space and one of time. ... In actuality, there are seven dimensions compactified in this way at each point, with the strings somehow wrapped round them, like a rubber band wrapped around a pipe. The compactified dimensions are thought to adopt a special shape at each point ... called Calabi-Yau spaces ... Shapes like these–in seven dimensions–are the hosepipes of string theory, for the strings wind round them and through their holes. ”  (2003, pp. 197-9)
This image is a two-dimensional representation of a Calabi-Yau seven dimensional hyper-space!  Atkin says: “Think of a structure like this (but in more dimensions) as attached to every point in space.” (p. 199)
    This basic conception of 7 dimensional Calabi-Yau elements, with inner holes, reminds one of  Madame Blavatsky's descriptions of the laws of nature.  She writes:
"... all the so-called Forces of Nature, Electricity, Magnetism, light, heat, etc., are in esse, i.e., in their ultimate constitution, the differentiated aspects of that Universal Motion. ...  for formative or creative purposes, the Great Law modifies its perpetual motion on seven invisible points within the area of the manifest Universe. ... material points without extension ... are the materials out of which the “Gods” and other invisible powers clothe themselves in bodies." (pp. 147 and 530)

According to Blavatsky's descriptions, the Universal Motion is described as the Eternal Ceaseless Breath, which thrills through the Eternal Parent Space.  The Ceaseless Breath is the fundamental movement, while the Parent Space provides the basis for material creation-as the Void/Plenum of the Aether.  The Ceaseless Breath undergoes 7 modifications, and the Parent Space is 7 Skinned.  When creation occurs, the sevenfold patterns latent in non-being manifests within without--beginning this differentiation from a point source, or what Blavatsky also calls a 'laya centre.'   For Blavatsky, the causes of the laws of physics are due to these entities at zero point levels, which embody the sevenfold modifications of the Ceaseless Breath in the hyperspace of Blavatsky's Eternal Parent Space.
    To put these concepts in the terms of modern physics, Blavatsky's work would lead us to predict that the Aether or Void/plenum of the Quantum Vacuum, has an inherent sevenfoldness, and that this sevenfoldness should be evident wiithin all phenomena throughout nature, in a multiplicity of ways.  Blavatsky differentiates the Parent Space from the relative created 'Son.' and explains that the higher dimensional forces are manifest at a zero point level, as the underlying basis for the four-dimensional space-time reality.  Blavatsky's concepts are beautifully illustrated by 11 Dimensional K.K. theory, and by the notion of 7 dimensional Calabi-Yau spaces at every point within the four-dimensional continuum.  Everything has such deep levels of existence based upon such higher dimensional processess.  Scientists trace quanta to such zero point levels, although psychologists do not imagine that human consciousness similarlily might be established on similar principles--deriving from a point source established in higher dimensional Space.
     Imagine that, that there would also be such zero points established at every point within the four dimensional world with which we think we are so familiar. Scientists are now striving even to understand “the dimensionality of the holes in these spaces ... through which the stings are threaded.”  (Atkins, p.199)  This is a whole level of inner dynamics to the onion-as quanta resolve further from point particles, into little mini-Space elements within a seven fold higher dimensional space.

  Dr. Bekenstein certainly does not approach the issue of how a human holographic system might work.  That would likely be considered pseudo-scientific, or even 'mystical.'  However, the implications of information theory and and ideas of higher dimensions are quite profound.  If a human being had such a min-black hole centre, or white hole, or zero point foundation, this could establish a basis for holographic lives in this holographic universe!

The illustrater of the Scientific American article in fact simply assumes that the human holograph would revolve around the brain, and project an illusory four dimensional space-time image out of the mind, as shown above.  Although from a mystical perspective, we might elaborate upon the holographic principles around the mind in the head, there is also a deeper teaching that the Heart is the true centre of the human being, as a microcosm of the macrocosm, and as a quantum system.

    Dr. Bekenstein certainly does not consider what such a little 7 dimensional little Calabi-Yau Spaces might experience in relationship to the vast sea of information potentially within the interior dimensions of Space, at zero-point and Planckian levels.  One wonders what such existence might feel like, if there were such 7 dimensional hyperspace and membrane elements or membranes vibrating away within higher dimensional Space.  Perhaps it might be experienced as the yogis depict the esoteric triune nature of consciousness--as eternity, knowledge, and bliss.

    Blavatsky writes:  "There is but one indivisible and absolute Omniscience and Intelligence in the Universe, and this thrills throughout every atom and infinitesimal point of the whole finite Cosmos."  (p.277)   This claim of Blavatsky's is supported by the hologram model of the Universe suggested by modern quantum theory, with its singularity origin and quantum interconnectedness.  When the physicist penetrates into the nature of Space itself at zero point levels, all of the information of the whole quantum system becomes available, and all differentiation is only apparent.  Imagine this, that life arises within a field which inwardly contains all the information of the whole!   So all material and energetic processes might be 'informed' from within without from these realms of intelligence and Mind.  Blavatsky describes such an 'indivisible' Intelligence thrilling through every "infinitesimal point" of the universe!  Of course, her depictions of such things is deeper than that of the physicists in ways which will become apparent.  The quantum field theory predicts a unity of creation all maintained by phase entanglement in higher dimensional space, and quantum interconnectedness.

    Similariily, the Kabbalist describes the 'microcosm' of human consciosuenss and being, as reflecting below, the nature and dynamics of the Macrcocosm, above--of course, just as a holograph should do!  Mystical teachings offer such a profound view on the nature of reality, by the suggestions that human beings have such zero point origins, being some type of triune Monad essences, little Calabi-Yau Spaces, established in higher dimensions.  

     A human I is, in a sense, 'a pixel,' - a point source established within a screen of higher dimensions, while his lives are spun around a central vacated space within the heart of the Calabi-yau Space, within the Bliss Sheath (itself a realm of unemergent light), within the Heart, within a material body.  It is through the higher dimensional nature of the Heart, that consciousness and life emerge from within without to pervade the outermost physical body, through the blood and oxygenation which 'ensouls' the living being.  The enigmas of the heart's cells and pacemakers have to do with the mysterious physics and metaphysics involved in these processes.
    Of course, the little-bit scientists imagine that such concepts in physics, have to do with the theoretical nature of elementary particles, information science, quantum vacuums and space, but don't imagine that all of these things might have something to do with what we actually experience as human beings.  The scientists do not imagine that theoretical physics have anything to do with the psychology of consciousness, or the heart, or the idea that human beings are such multidimensional beings  themselves–with zero point centres!  This would be too awesome to conceive, as what life possibilities it presents to us as human beings, living within the void/plenum, and ensouled by spiritual and divine levels of intelligence, all from within without--just as a hologram might do.  Blavatsky states, seven inside, seven outside.  As it happens, science can be very informative, especially if we happen to have the advantage of esoteric studies.

    Of course, how else, but through a model of such possibilities of holograpms and zero points, might we conceivably explain the possibilities of many lives, life after death, out of body experiences, Near Death Experiences, mystical states, cosmic consciousness, psychical experiences, ESP and meaningfull patterns of coincidences or synchronicities, ghosts and all the other things that people have experienced throughout the history of humanity, and which things are believed in by the vast majority of the living population?  The scientists just close their eyes to all the enigmas at the borders of science.   There are overwhelming evidences for such phenomena, and so many enigmas within science itself which point to the need for a new paradigm within science--especially when it comes to consciousness studies.

    Consider Yogananda's experience of cosmic consciousness as evidence for the mystical conception of the Universe, and the existence of "I" as a zero point source.   There are varied reports within the mystical literature of individual experiences which illustrate these paradoxical ideas, about the dimensions of the jivatma and the paramatma, the microcosm and  macrocosm.  Paramahansa Yogananda, a twentieth century Indian saint and master of kriya yoga, was one of the first eastern sages to become prominent in the west as  founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship in America.  In his classic Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda provides an extraordinary account of his realizations of the true nature of Self.  The following is Yogananda’s  description of his experience in “cosmic consciousness,” which his Master initiates by striking him gently 'above the heart'--to awaken Yogananda. Yogananda receives grace from his Master in order to “fulfill his heart’s desire.”  He then experiences these extraordinary states of enlightenment and cosmic consciousness:

My body became immovably rooted; breath was drawn out of my lungs as if by some huge magnet.  Soul and mind instantly lost their physical bondage and streamed out like a fluid piercing light from my every pore.  The flesh was as though dead; yet in my intense awareness I knew that never before had I been fully alive.  My sense of identity was no longer narrowly confined to a body but embraced the circumambient atoms.  People on distant streets seemed to be moving gently over my own remote periphery.  The roots of plants and trees appeared through a dim transparency of the soil; I discerned the inward flow of their sap.
    The whole vicinity lay bare before me.  My ordinary frontal vision was now changed to a vast spherical sight, simultaneously all-perceptive.  Through the back of my head I saw men strolling far down Rai Ghat Lane, and noticed also a white cow that was leisurely approaching. ... After she had passed behind the brick wall of the courtyard, I saw her clearly still.
    All objects within my panoramic gaze trembled and vibrated like quick motion pictures.  My body, Master’s, the pillared courtyard, the furniture and floor, the trees and sunshine, occasionally became violently agitated, until all melted into a luminescent sea; even as sugar crystals, thrown into a glass of water, dissolve after being shaken.  The unifying light alternated with materializations of form, the metamorphoses revealing the law of cause and effect in creation.
    An oceanic joy broke upon calm endless shores of my soul.  The Spirit of God, I realized, is exhaustless Bliss; His body is countless tissues of light.  A swelling glory within me began to envelop towns, continents, the earth, solar and stellar systems, tenuous nebulae, and floating universes.  The entire cosmos, gently luminous, like a city seen afar at night, glimmered within the infinitude of my being. ...  The divine dispersion of rays poured from an Eternal Source, blazing into galaxies, transfigured with ineffable auras.  Again and again I saw the creative beams condense into constellations, then resolve into sheets of transparent flame.  By rhythmic reversion, sextillion worlds passed into diaphanous lustre, then fire became firmament.
 I cognized the center of the empyrean as a point of intuitive perception in my heart.  Irradiating splendour issued from my nucleus to every part of the universal structure. ... Suddenly the breath returned to my lungs.  With a disappointment almost unbearable, I realized that my infinite immensity was lost.  Once more I was limited to the humiliating cage of a body, not easily accommodative to the Spirit.  Like a prodigal child, I had run away from my macrocosm home and had imprisoned myself in a narrow microcosm. ...
     “It is the Spirit of God that actively sustains every form and force in the universe; yet He is transcendental and aloof in the blissful uncreated void beyond the worlds of vibratory phenomenon,” Master explained.  (1998, pp 166-8)

Yogananda offers an awe-inspiring glimpse into the hidden dimensions of consciousness, life and the universe.  Is Yogananda simply exaggerating or imagining this account, or did he really objectively experience these things?  If this is an objectively valid account of an awakening of consciousness within the heart and its expansion into the dimensions of the universe, then somehow there is something fundamentally mistaken and fraudulent with the entire approach to consciousness of  the mainstream of western psychology and science.  Carl Sagan, 'a real scientist,' had already declared  in 1980, that "The cerebral cortex (is) where matter is transformed  into consciousness ... " (Cosmos, 1980), and everyone who writes a book on human consciousnes has been putting brains and heads on the book covers for over fifty years.

    The next illustration depicts esoteric mystical and spiritual teachings about the structuring of the Cosmos.  The heart is portrayed as the center of both the individual and the universe, and a multi-dimensional Star of David pattern is established around this--as the matrix of creation.  A e human hologram as based on 7 energy centres, chakras, with the Heart Chakra as the central one.  This human hologram is founded upon a pixel within the heart, and a vacated space, and the descent of light from within/without through hierarchical planes of being.  

   Whereas modern science assumes that material process within the brain create human consciousness, in a soulless and spiritual-less biological being, mystical and spiritual teachings depict the heart as the centre of the human microcosm.  These last two illustrations depict the 'head doctrine' and 'the heart' doctrine.
     The human hologram is founded upon zero point foundations, and the Sons expand and contract through the Heart, and that there is an actual physics and higher-dimensional physics to the human heart.  

   Returning to Dr. Bekenstein, he is not likely to realize how such ideas of information theory, black holes and higher dimensions, might relate to the issues of the mind, the heart, or of human consciousness. He does not conceive how a human being might be such a Calabi-Yau Space, vibrating away ceaselessly in seven dimensional hyperspace--potentially within the 'Mind at Large' of Huxley, or the Absolute of Blavatsky, and his own favourite Factor X.  I wonder also if he is familiar with the Kabbalist depictions of creation, and how a minute point of Space was vacated, before the descent of the line of light from higher dimensions.  How might such things relate to his concepts of the information available within black holes.  I will return to address Dr. Bekenstein's article further and to fill in, and to pursue a Kabbalistic metaphysical explanation of dimensions, in the light of modern physics--in our continuing adventures. 

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