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A Day in the Life
of the Chemtrail Poisoning of the Citizens
of Ottawa, Canada
by a Psychopathic Elite
Christopher's first YouTube video

Secret of the Seventh Point

The Signif
icance of 11:37

The ancient symbol of the Star of David is not inherently evil and the high jacking of this symbol by demon possessed families should not deter serious study of its significance—especially of its variant, the Star with a 7th central  point.

If synchronicities show a link between mind and matter, then perhaps the formula of 1/137 is a clue to the nature of divine mind and the principles of mystical creation.   My goodness, what an unusual synchronicity that the paradoxical alpha constant of science, which enables us “to distinguish matter form ether (the vacuum, nothingness),” takes on the numeric values of The Secret Doctrine and Kabbalah, and the principles of intelligent design and then it then finds its way onto the Peace Tower at just the right time on that fateful day.  



7.  The Criminal Poisoning of the Citizens of Kemptville and Ottawa through Chemtrail Spraying

a. A Day in the Life of the Chemtrail Poisoning of the Citizens of Ottawa, Canada by a Psychopathic Elite

b.  Look At This World : On the Chemtrail Poisoning of the Citizens of Kemptville 

Chapters of 11:37


Fabled Airplanes

The Role of the Corporate Media in Creating and Perpetuating the Mass Hypnosis of the American Public


A Investigative Psychological and Forensic Examination
 of the
September Clues Video Series


by Christopher P. Holmes, Ph.D. (Psych)

Radio Interview
by Jim Fetzer,
on Fabled Airplane

Listen at 
The Real Deal

I found your article/forensic-analysis of September Clues most articulate and acute. By and large, it certainly meets with my full approval as to the overall interpretation of the many 'human', behavioral aspects I strived to highlight in my research-documentary.  ....

I am, obviously, well pleased of your comprehensive analysis of my documentary, as it is just the sort of 'peer-review' I was hoping would emerge in support of my longstanding research.

 Simon Shack, 2011        


Reclaiming America: 
Application of the Anti-Terrorist Legislation to the Corporate Media

Concluding section of article

Since 9-11, the countries of the world have enacted anti-terrorist legislation allowing any country to seize the assets of any individuals involved in terrorist activities.  9-11 was a terrorist act.  The people behind it have conspired to mass murder their countryman, to deceive the public and then to engage in horrendous war crimes against foreign peoples and nations.  Imagine if America were ever able to really enforce its own laws and bring about true justice to those who perpetrated the 9-11 events; the same so-called elites who daily commit other criminal and terrorist activities against both American and world citizens.   To seize the assets of the perpetrators of the 9-11 crimes and their networks would likely resolve the debt of the United States of America and bring about a new age of health, wealth, human rights and justice.  The crimes of the elites will someday be documented by that same media which they have fashioned for the destruction of American society and of all spiritual values on this sacred planet Earth.   How cunning of them, to concoct such fabled airplanes!


The Horrific Processes

of Reciprocal Self Destruction

“... it was possible sometimes to observe very strange manifestations of theirs, that is, from time to time they did something which was never done by three-brained beings on other planets, namely, they would suddenly, without rhyme or reason, begin destroying one another’s existence. ...  from this horrible process of theirs their numbers rapidly diminished ... .”  (p. 91)


“I must tell you that the chief particularity of the psyche of your favorites, namely, the ‘periodic-need-to-destroy-the-existence-of-others-like-oneself,’ interested me more and more with every succeeding century of theirs, and side by side with it the irresistible desire increased in me to find out the exact causes of a particularity so phenomenal for three-brained beings.”  (p. 318)

Gurdjieffs' masterpiece Beelzebub'sTales to His Grandson explores the causes of war, the nature of the Hasnamusses and Crats, and the dire situation of humankind.

The opening illustration, Guernica is by Pablo Picasso, hangs at the United Nations building in New York City, U. S. A. An interesting historic note is provided online:

“In an act with extraordinary historical resonance, United Nations officials covered up a tapestry reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s anti-war mural “Guernica” during US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s February 5 presentation of the American case for war against Iraq.

Picasso’s painting commemorates a small Basque village bombed by German forces in April 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. The painter, in desolate black, white and grey, depicts a nightmarish scene of men, women, children and animals under bombardment. The twisted, writhing forms include images of a screaming mother holding a dead child, a corpse with wide-open eyes and a gored horse. Art historian Herbert Read described the work as “a cry of outrage and horror amplified by a great genius.”

The reproduction has hung outside the Security Council chamber at UN headquarters in New York since its donation by the estate of Nelson A. Rockefeller in 1985. As the council gathered to hear Powell on Wednesday, workers placed a blue curtain and flags of the council’s member countries in front of the tapestry.  (

It is interesting to note the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati portrayed in Picasso’s masterpiece, hanging over the war scene.  Wars are the human sacrifices of the Illuminati and such Hasnamusses as the plutocrats, the power-possessing beings and the ‘stock jugglers.’  

What is wrong with this image of Aldrin on the moon? 
How did this lunar module descend onto the moon, using rockets to slow its descent, without creating
some crater underneath and dust clouds to cover the module?  Instead, there is no disturbance of the moon's
surface underneath the module.  This is an obvious fraud, like everything else you are fed by the corporate media. 

God, Science &

The Secret Doctrine

The Secret Doctrine
postulates a holographic universe with a higher seven dimensional Eternal Parent Space underlying familiar reality�instead of the contemporary scientists' 5 dimensional anti-de Sitter space.  Blavatsky describes ordinary space and location as illusory and suggests that there are innumerable worlds interpenetrating our own space, however invisible these are to us.
        The Secret Doctrine suggests that zero point laya centres are the foundations by which a higher dimensional metaphysics generates the familiar physics of everyday four-dimensional spacetime. Blavatsky explains that the world of Matter below reflects the Intelligences (and Information) from within realms above--Divine and Spiritual Intelligences.  The influences of the higher worlds on the lower worlds emerge from such zero-point levels through the seven circumgyrating "holes dug in space."   Modern physics now supports such concepts and makes them more intelligible, rather than discrediting them as being 'invented' or 'exaggerated.'

7. The Universe as a Hologram


a. Information as Third Force.

b. A Tale of Entropies and
       Black Holes

c. On Black Holes & Alternate
        Space Dimensions

d. The Illusion of Gravity


The Zero Point Metaphysics & Holographic Space

 of The Secret Doctrine


1.  The Basic Holographic Paradigm

God and the Scientists
On why we don't need God now that
we have physicists who sit at desks. 

Christopher's Book Review of 
 The Grand Design
by Stephen Hawking
& Leonard Mlodinow

11.  The Hasnamussian Sciences &
the ‘Intelligentsia’

“And that is just as it is everywhere on Earth: donkeys are alike, they are only differently called.”
Mullah Nassr Eddin (quoted by Beelzebub, p. 1090)

The grandest thing about The Grand Design is its title and attractive front illustration.  Otherwise, this is a most superficial and preposterous book which certainly adds little to the debate between science and religion, and once again, shows how credentials in science allow anyone to philosophize about the meaning of it all as if their scientific mantle confers a certain 'infalliblity' upon them.  As Blavatsky stated in 1888, "in our day, the scientists are even more opinionated than the clergy."  Scientists, like Hawking, Sagan and Weinberg, present their own  personal biases and dogmas as if based on 'real science,' instead of simply being their own philosophy, and a superficial one at that.  The Grand Design provides only glimpses of modern theories in physics and the most preposterous declarations about what they all mean.
“… ‘Hasnamussian science,’ invented by certain pimpled beings among them, in which it is nonchalantly proved that the periodic reciprocal destruction on the Earth is very, very necessary, and that if it did not exist an intolerable overpopulation would result on the Earth, and such economic horrors would ensure that men-beings would begin to eat one another. …


“… every kind of data for individual manifestation have already quite ceased to be crystallized in most of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, particularly the contemporary ones ….  


Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson,  G. I. Gurdjieff  (1950, p. 1072)

  9.  Hasnamuss-Individuals
  & the‘Naloo-osnian-spectrum-of-impulses’

Beelzebub describes seven “Naloo-osnian-spectrum-of-impulses,” which form a “certain something” within the Hasnamuss-individuals. There are various kinds of Hasnamuss-individuals, according to which of the seven impulses they are most subject.  These are primary characteristics of the new world psychiatric disordered elites, the scum that rose to the top of the waters of life.  These include:


(1) Every kind of depravity, conscious as well as unconscious

(2) The feeling of self-satisfaction from leading others astray

(3) The irresistible inclination to destroy the existence of other breathing creatures

(4) The urge to become free from the necessity of actualizing the being-efforts demanded by Nature

(5) The attempt by every kind of artificiality to conceal from others what in their opinion are one’s physical defects

(6) The calm self-contentment in the use of what is not personally deserved

(7) The striving to be not what one is.    (p. 406)

Certainly, Beelzebub does not outline a very charming list of impulses.  Beelzebub's Tales are full of stories where individuals embody such Hasnamussian characteristics and qualities.  Such impulses are formed within the crystallized “egoism,” so prominent among the strange psyches of those three-brained beings on planet Earth.  The Hasnamuss individual no longer experiences the impulses of “being-self-shame” or of Objective Conscience, and the history of humanity testifies to the horrors caused by these “terrestrial nullities.”  ...

The Hasnamuss individuals, like the corporate, financial and religious elites, no longer experience the impulses of “being-self-shame” or of Objective Conscience.  The current crisis in the life of humankind attests to the horrors, suffering and desolation caused by these “terrestrial nullities.”  The pseudo-illuminate, corporate and financial elites, are such Hasnamuss, willing to spray you and your children with chemtrails, while poisoning your food, water and air, sickening you through genetically modified poisons and additives, infesting you with inoculations, and confusing your hearts and minds through all the lies and deceits of the corporate media. 

The Hasnamuss are controlled by the three lower possibilities of money, sex and power, and do not attain to the awakening of the heart or to the possibilities inherent to the higher life of the soul. They are the product of lunacy and delusion.   They feel such self-satisfaction from leading you astray, engaging in every kind of depravity and they indeed have such “irresistible inclinations to destroy the existence of other breathing creatures.”  Such types came to rule the human race, all part of the new world psychiatric disorder.  This is the scum that rose to the top of the waters of life and their crimes are the blood streaks through human history.  They represent the lowest three levels of possible human evolution, controlled by money, sex and power, and they do not attain to the awakening of the heart nor attain real ‘I.’   The pseudo-illuminate are not so illumined but accept the false light of the moon and the lower mind.  Their false consciousness system and inner nullity has prevented the human race from attaining to higher consciousness and being-existence, and they have distorted and obscured the messages and teachings of all of the Sacred Messengers as described by Beelzebub.   

The nightmare parable continues and the sheep are led to slaughter.  The human race became a rat race controlled by a pseudo-illuminate cartel of Hasnamusses and black magicians.   Imagine that, Osama Bin Laden and his reindeer did not bring down the two towers, but a bunch of Hasnamusses with evil in their hearts.  Terrestrial nullities who cannot fill the void, who sell their souls and who will ultimately feed the moon as lunatics!

Glimpses of Gurdjieff’s view
of human psychopathology
and the causes of war,

On lunacy and feeding the moon

Behind essence is real I, behind real I, is God, or at least the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute.  Beelzebub provides strange and provocative tales for his grandson Hassein, about the hidden dimensions of those strange three-brained beings on planet Earth, the principles of esoteric science, and the meaning and purpose of it all–for living, breathing creatures who might attain a “real I.”

  Between Angels and Insects




These lyrics are from the song Between Angels and Insects by the heavy metal group, Papa Roach.  Might such poets of the heart and soul really know something that the head scientists have not yet imagined?  That within the heart, there might be some big black hole, or mini-black hole, and that emptyness is in everything, especially at the Heart of Being.



to include material from
The Universe in a Single Atom

Dalai Lama on the Indestructible Drop within the Heart, Empty Space Particles and Consciousness as a reflection of the Mind of Clear Light. 

Dr. Holmes outlines some of the teachings of the Dalai Lama with reference to the issues of the Heart Doctrine,  Consciousness as Light and in regards to the concept of zero point sources-or what the Dalai Lama refers to as the 'empty space particles.'  This updated version of this chapter from The Heart Doctrine includes materials from the Dalai Lama's The Universe in a Single Atom.

In Kabbalah, as in modern physics, creation emerge from within-without from a Zero Point source, out of a seeming void which is paradoxically a plenum, through a hierarchy of broken symmetries in higher dimensional Space.  All of this precipitates dimensions of being out of apparent non-being, everything out of nothing.  As above, so below:

Kabbalist views of creation anticipate a series of the newest ideas in modern physics and cosmology. Kabbalah provides a mathematical model of the inherent structure of the quantum vacuum!  People do not realize that this is what the Tree of Life, the Ladder of Jacob, or the Star of David, essentially represent.   Dr. Holmes offers a modern interpretation of Kabbalist metaphysics and symbols--in the light of modern physics and science.  Dr. Holmes illustrates the relationship of  the "matrix of creation" established around the divine source emanation, illustrated by a Kabbalist on the left below, to the newest concept of a seven dimensional Calabi Yau Space  underlying every point within the four dimensional space-time complex, described by physicists Green and Atkins in recent science writings. 

On the left we have a Kabbalist depiction of the 'matrix of creation' (or intelligence) surrounding a zero point centre, with the Star of David within the inner geometry.  On the right, we have the 7 dimensional Calabi-Yau Spaces depicted in the newest models of physics.

Imagine that: Every man, every woman and every child is such a little Starand has such a higher dimensional metaphysics within the heart.  This would be such a principle of magic for a world of magic.  All little pixels on a screen of higher dimensions!  Don't be dimensionally challenged!

  Kabbalist Universe  and  Self

Letters to
Contact Music

On Kabbalah, Guy Ritchie and Madonna, 
 Nuts and Oak Trees

Christopher's favourite song- Isaac by Madonna


Recommended Readings

Eastern Sources of The Heart Doctrine

5c.  From Islam and Sufism, to 
Bhagavan Sri Ramana, Gibran & Baha'u'llah

The Bhagavad Gita, the Yogic Science of Soul

Western Sources of The Heart Doctrine

Mystical Christianity - On J. Francis's
The Mystic Way of Radiant Love.

Aleister Crowley, the mysteries of cosmic love,
the magical formula of the Universe, and how
every man, woman and child is a star
in their magical nature.

Remembering & Forgetting:

Exile & the Kingdom a Tribute to Canadian Musican Jeff Martin & Tea Party

On Jacob's Ladder- a Gurdjieff perspective


Any cosmos originates
                      from an incredibly small point source rooted into

the Kabbalist Universe  and Self

the Enigmas of the HeartDualistic Science and Psychology

A Mystical Psychology of Human Consciousness,
the Heart and Soul & the Divine Spark

Consciousness is Light

Mark Comings
, physicist, mathematician, and former space science researcher on "The Essential Nature of Space, Time, Light, and Consciousness: A New Physics of Sentience ... and revisioning Space as a 'Plenum' interconnectiong all beings."  Dr. Holmes reports on some of Mark's main concepts and contributes from his perspective on zero point studies.  I hope to revise and expand upon this article when possible.

Sea of Serenity
Painting by Rassouli

Poetry of Naomi Stone,
and original Rumi translations by Rassouli.

On Higher Education and Spiritual Science:
A Brief to the Ontario Commission under Robert Rae, December 2004 -- On the Failure of Post-Secondary Education and the New Inquisition
 Internet Survey Results!   "I am interested in whether or not your department offers any courses on spiritual or mystical psychology, the study of paranormal or psychic phenomena, or studies of human consciousness.  I am interested in courses in these areas. Do you know of any professors with such interests who you might direct me to? Thank you."   Dr. Holmes' email inquiry: 

Dr. Holmes conducted an internet survey of thirteen major Canadian University psychology programs, from coast to coast--in order to inquiry as to what is available to an inquiring student who would like to learn something of mystical and spiritual psychologies, or paranormal studies, within the Canadian University system and modern psychology.  The results are somewhat disheartning!  Only one of thirteen universities offers any course options in this area, and there is not a single professor having expertise or interest in the psychology of the soul, consciousness or spirit, nor the interface between psychology, mysticism and science.  This is despite the overwhelming public interest and belief in the significance of these areas, the existence of massive data establishing the reality of psychical phenomena and the fact that the enigmas of consciousness are the most significant issue in science today.

James A. Moffatt 

Jim provides a discussion of science and mysticism, and a biographic account of Christopher's early formulation of
  "T.P. O. G. C. U."



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